Our Mindset is to help your business Grow and Scale with the passion we have for the IT industry to ensure your business gets the immediate care and service from a MSP 365 Service Engineer.

Sam Tanana

Our Beliefs

With highly specialised in business as well as in IT, we have worked with customers from very diverse fields (especially lawyers, accountants, building/ construction, education, real estate, logistics). Our philosophy is that IT should be about people, not technology. Even if we do not make a business deal, then at least we gained a good friend.

We approach each and every business differently and with an open mind, believing that one size doesn’t fit all. We believe that every business is a learning curve. We not only approach IT from a technical perspective but also from a business perspective.

Our Vision

We treat each and every business we work with as if it is ours. Integrity, transparency, trust, and healthy partnership are at the heart of our business values. We aim to be very competitive without compromising the quality of service we provide to all our clients. We are always looking for newer technologies that will make your business more robust and productive.

We do not work on broken systems and that is why we do a full analysis of business processes and IT setup. We always get customers involved at every stage as no one understands business more than the people who run it.

Our business model is structured around these technologies which considerably reduced our overheads (costs) so customers can enjoy better value with our competitive rates without compromising quality.

We invite you to partner with our team and Leap ahead with Managed IT Services that make things better at a fraction of the cost of running your own IT department.

We Are Different

We have seen enough businesses go bust due to their non-productive IT and workforce. Therefore, business productivity and continuity are central to any of our solutions. We build strong foundations from starting so businesses can withstand and recover from damaging storms. We do not believe in signing customers up with lengthy contracts as we trust our capabilities and believe in our offerings and services.

We have always ensured that our customers are getting value for their money. MSP 365 is value-driven and that is what gives us satisfaction in delivering solutions and services. Solutions that can only present a $ sign, are not our solutions. We always want to see the value which is multiples of that $ sign.

Client-Focused Solutions

We value the number of loyal partners who would normally stay with us for a very very long time, much more than the larger number of customers we can get in and out in short periods of time. We will never give customers broken, half or ill-thought solutions. We do due diligence for every part of any solution by doing a thorough 2 way needs analysis which involves a complex set of skills and knowledge.

We never want to keep an unhappy customer, if we cannot make it better then we see the benefit in directing them somewhere else. We plan ahead and we do not take on more customers than we can handle so we can keep the service personalised for our valued customers. (we try to plan with lower contention ratios).



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