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A Variety of Malware Targeting SMBs

When it comes to malware threats that impact SMBs, ransomware is still at the top of the list. Although this is a major concern, they are also under attack from other threats. Other top five results include viruses, adware, spyware and remote access trojans.  

The cybersecurity services we provide protect your business from cyber security threats and handle problems before they arise in the first place. In order to protect small-to-medium businesses from cyber threats, we deploy cyber security solutions recommended by the Australian government that are easy to implement and manage.

As a result, we identify and analyze any potential threats on your network – and if you are under attack, we’ll take care of it right away. Our extensive security assessments help you to evaluate your organization’s security in alignment with international frameworks.

In the last two years, MSPs report the following types of malware have affected clients:

variety of malware

Stats on Antivirus/Anti-malware Solution

Anti-malware filtering ( email, network and web based)
Endpoint detection and response
Legacy signature-based antivirus
NextGen anti-virus

Top 3 Ransomware Targets

64% of ransomware will target IoT devices
63% will target social media accounts
62% will bankrupt whole companies

Don't Risk Your Business

Business downtime costs vary widely from organization to organization and are influenced by numerous factors. It is almost 50X more expensive to recover the downtime from a ransomware attack than the cost of paying the ransom.

Avoid unnecessary downtime with ransomware security, using our immediate response services we can resolve the threat quickly and restore your systems. After stopping the attack, we can provide a comprehensive report and prevent future attacks by providing a comprehensive plan. Different from other security service providers, we fully analyze your business’s security strengths and vulnerabilities and take steps to address them accordingly.

The approach we adopt is collaborative and aligned with business outcomes with risk control and data security. We work with Australian businesses to ensure their IT systems are secure and protected from threats.

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